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Police Reports

There are three types of police reports:

  1. Criminal reports
  2. Miscellaneous Crime/Public reports
  3. Motor Vehicle Accident reports

Criminal Police Reports

Complainants, victims, or witnesses in a criminal report may obtain a letter of verification stating that a report has been filed. Suspects in a criminal report are not entitled to receive a verification letter.

No copy of a report is provided until the case is closed, adjudicated, or the statue of limitations has passed. Even then, a redacted copy is provided to preserve confidentiality as afforded by Chapter 92-F of the Hawaii Revised Statutes.


Miscellaneous Crime/Public Reports

A redacted copy of a Miscellaneous Crime/Public Report may be provided to the named complainant, victim, witness or suspect in the report.


Motor Vehicle Accident Reports

Motor vehicle accident reports are available from our Records Division, 7 days after the accident. Copies may be provided to the named drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and other parties or entities in the report.


Redacted Police Reports

Redacted police reports have personal and numerical identifiers such as name, home address, and social security numbers blacked out. The requestor's information will be left in.

Where to Obtain Police Reports

Requests for police reports or letters of verification must be made in person at the Records and Identification Division located at the HPD main station, 801 S. Beretania St., Honolulu.

The requestor must present a valid picture identification. If requesting a report for another person, a notarized letter of authorization is required.


Letters of verification $1.00. Supplemental pages $0.25.

Motor Vehicle Accident reports $0.50 for the first page and $0.25 for each additional page.


Lost and Found

Call 529-3283 for questions regarding lost and found.

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For more information contact the Records and Identification Division at (808)723-3258


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