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Seniors dance with Honolulu's finest


Valentine's Day is not until Thursday, but love was definitely in the air at the Neal Blaisdell Center today. The 44th annual Senior Citizens Valentine Dance was held at the Exhibition Hall. Hundreds of seniors from more than 35 clubs around Oahu and various senior service organizations participated, even students from Kapolei and Washington Middle Schools joined in on the fun.

Dozens of local celebrities, including several of Honolulu's Finest, danced with their young-at-heart partners. Police Chief Louis Kealoha, Deputy Chief Marie McCauley, Assistant Chief Gregory Lefcourt, Major Raymond Ancheta, and Officers Chad Hiwatashi, John Mau, and Maunakea Ohia two-stepped and did the Electric Slide and Macarena. Barbara Martin, 74, of Waiamanalo said, "I love coming out (to the dance). I danced with Chief Kealoha two years ago, and I get to dance with him again. I had to sweep him away."

The Senior Citizens Valentine Dance is organized by the city Department of Parks and Recreation and Bank of Hawaii.

Valentines Day Dance