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Making Oahu's roads safe: Pedestrian tips

Each year, 17 pedestrians are killed in motor vehicle collisions across Oahu. Here are some tips you can use to cross a roadway safely. Remember, enforcement alone is not the solution. Pedestrians must take personal responsibility for their safety.

Here are some laws for PEDESTRIANS:
291C-32(a)(3)(D)- Pedestrian entering roadway on red signal
291C-33(2)- Pedestrian obedience to "Don't Walk" signal
291C-71(a)- Pedestrian obedience to traffic control device and regulations
291C-72(b)- No Pedestrian to run/walk into path of vehicle
291C-73(a)- Pedestrian to yield right-of-way to vehicle
291C-73(c)- Crossing other than crosswalk
ROH 15-17.2(b)- No pedestrian in roadway w/in any business/residential district within 200 feet of any intersection except at a crosswalk

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Making Oahu's roads safe: Pedestrian tips