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UPDATE: HPD website breached

The Honolulu Police Department's Alerts system was recently transitioned from sending breaking information to subscribers' email addresses and/or cell phone numbers to posting the information solely on the HPD website and Facebook page.

The pilot program for HPD Alerts was discontinued because of the inconsistency in the quality that the service rendered. E-mail addresses and cell phone numbers for subscribers', who signed onto HPD Alerts when it was initially implemented, has since been removed. That information was in the process of being purged when the recent breach took place. The HPD website is not connected with the department's main computer system. The HPD website is hosted by an external web hosting company, Network Solutions. The HPD database containing official/confidential information such as police service or police sensitive information was not compromised during this breach. Information contained on the HPD website is open for public consumption and protective measures have been reinforced in light of this recent event to enhance the integrity of the site.

The NIXLE service is separate from HPD Alerts. The NIXLE service is offered by a separate secured provider that was not compromised during the recent cyber attack. The NIXLE service is safe and we recommend that users currently receiving NIXLE alerts remain with the program. The NIXLE service allows users to receive emergency notifications such as traffic closures and other safety related information especially during a natural disaster. Currently, there are 12,000 subscribers to the NIXLE notification service that receive HPD related information.

If you would like to contact the HPD for more information about this issue please contact us at: