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Officers create first ever safety program

The Honolulu Police Department's District 2 (Wahiawa) Community Policing Team (CPT) received an award for their work. On Wednesday, May 7, 2014, the Honolulu City Council presented the group with certificate congratulating them in creating a program that prevents crime.

Last year, Mililani Ike Elementary school reported several incidents about suspicious vehicles on campus. The HPD increased patrols in the area and the CPT met with the school's faculty. In December 2013, the CPT held a meeting with the students' parents. They addressed concerns and provided feedback on student safety. After another presentation, the CPT created the first-ever Parent Watch program. The program is similar to the Neighborhood Watch Program. Citizens are taught to alert police immediately if they witness any suspicious activity.

On January 30, 2014, the CPT held their first-ever Parent Watch Program meeting; 17 parents signed up. The CPT held another meeting in April and the group participants more than doubled.

Because of this initiative, the City Council wanted to recognize the CPT group for their efforts to maintain a safe campus.