Lieutenant Benedict Eleneki

In Memoriam

Lieutenant Benedict Eleneki

Assignment:  Patrol District 1

Date of Birth:  December 30, 1915

Appointment Date:  January 1, 1939

End of Watch:  November 21, 1964

On November 20th, 1964 at approximately 11:12 pm police dispatch received a phone call from the Moiliili Chop Suey restaurant that shots had been heard coming from the Star Market located at King St. and Beretania St.

Lt. Benedict Eleneki was at the main station when the call came to dispatch and proceeded to the call.

Upon arriving at the scene Lt. Eleneki and other officers entered the building through an unlocked door of the store to do a search of the building.

Upon entering the dark store officers located one suspect and continued to search the building.  While searching another room, a suspect with a firearm fired a shot hitting Lt. Eleneki.  The suspect had herded the remaining hostages into that room making it impossible for officers to return fire.  An officer had attempted to rescue Lt. Eleneki but was shot in the process.

The suspect was later shot and killed as he attempted to leave the store with a hostage.

Lt. Eleneki was taken to a hospital, but was pronounced dead on arrival.


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