Chief William A. Gabrielson

Chief William A. Gabrielson
August 9, 1932 to June 1, 1946

WILLIAM A. GABRIELSON was the second chief of the Honolulu Police Department. GABRIELSON had been brought to Honolulu as an instructor from his position as a lieutenant in the Berkeley, California Police Department.

Chief Gabrielson continued the program of modernizing the department in the same manner originally initiated by Chief Weeber. While some reassignment of duties and responsibilities had been made under Chief Weeber, Gabrielson made additional moves, all designed to strengthen the department and improve services to the public.

Chief Gabrielson imposed the same stern disciplinary measures on his subordinates as the Police Commission and the public imposed on him as chief.

On January 1, 1934, Chief Gabrielson announced that the "eagle" badge was being retired in favor of the 7-point star badge, which he said added to the general appearances of uniformed officers.


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