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HPD History: HPD Judo Team

In 1968, the HPD organized a Judo team made up of officers in the Honolulu Police Department. The program was meant to improve public relations by having qualified officers compete with judo organizations throughout Oahu. Under the supervision of Sgt. Raymond Kawano, the HPD Judo Team participated in various tournaments and won some trophies while giving the public a chance to see a different side of the police. Although the HPD Judo team's existence was short, just over a year, it helped to make a positive connection with the community.

(L-R Harold Kawasaki, Manny Rezentes, Vernon Broad, Robert Au, Chief Liu, Leo Reed, unk., Dennis Kawakami, Samuel Foster, and Frederick Croyden) -Mahalo to retired A/C Joe Aveiro for the photo and facts.