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HPD Chief emphasizes pedestrian safety

Each year we lose about 17 pedestrians in motor vehicle collisions. And so far this year, we've lost 15, and we're just over halfway through the year.

Throughout next month, officers will be conducting pedestrian-related enforcement at various locations across Oahu. Drivers and pedestrians who break the law will be cited. Our goal is to deter dangerous and illegal behavior and save lives.

Here are some safety tips for pedestrians and drivers. Most involve common sense and common courtesy.

For pedestrians, the first one is to use available crosswalks.

Secondly, put your cell phone and music devices away when crossing, it will lessen the chance of you being distracted. Your full attention should be paid to vehicle traffic as you're crossing a roadway.

Third, avoid a leisurely stroll in a crosswalk and walk with purpose. The quicker you cross a roadway lessens the chance of you being hit by a distracted driver. Although a pedestrian may have the right of way in a crosswalk, you don't want to be right and dead.

Lastly, refrain from unnecessary or risky behavior on or near our roadways. With over a million people on this island our roadways are busy and not a place to take chances with your safety.

And drivers, be on the look out for pedestrians and be prepared to stop when approaching a crosswalk. Don't overtake other vehicles that have stopped for pedestrians.

Working together, we can make Oahu's roads safer for everyone.

HPD Chief emphasizes pedestrian safety