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In the 1960's swimming aptitude was one part of the entrance testing to become an HPD officer. The Waikiki Natatorium was the venue for testing candidates and training new officers.

In recruit school a week long class on rescue techniques in a water environment was an essential part of the curriculum. It included instruction on rescue swimming a technique used to assist a swimmer in trouble. The rescuer essentially swam while towing the victim from the water to safety.

The training took place at the Waikiki Natatorium, also known then as the "The Tank". During this period a tower on the makai side of the complex was used, it included four platforms at different heights where swimmers could jump or dive from.

Various techniques were taught by a dedicated team of HPD instructors. In the photo are Walter Yamamoto, Harris Warren, Kiyoshi Hiramatsu, and Thomas Pickard.

Story and photo courtesy of Retired Assistant Chief Joe Aveiro