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HPD History

From 1961 to 1992 the HPD main headquarters was located at 1455 S. Beretania Street. This photo circa 1970's depicts the volume of police vehicles on the street fronting the station during the watch change when one shift ends and another begins. Back then as the HPD began to grow, new beats were added and the volume of officers in the subsidized fleet program expanded as officers between 4 to 5 years of service entered the personal police vehicle program.

Parking around the main police station during the shift change became a challenge. During weekdays during the day and swing shift the volume of officers were at its peak. The HPD used cones for traffic modifications on Young Street to accommodate the volume of police vehicles to create a quick process to transition shifts while maintaining a continuity of service to the public. This parking solution was a standard process up until the early 90's before the HPD moved to the current headquarters at 801 S. Beretania Street.

photo and facts by Retired A/C Joe Aveiro