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HPD officer recognized for heroism


Courage, heroism and compassion are three words that describe Officer Kerwin Unten and four other Aiea residents. Hawaii House lawmakers, Rep. Mark Takai and Rep. Aaron Johanson, recognized the group today for the risk they took to save an elderly couple from a burning vehicle. On February 8, 2013, the five individuals put their lives on the line to rescue the elderly couple in their building's parking structure. HPD officer Unten was off-duty at the time and heard the cries for help. He and the other heroes forced open the vehicles, climbed inside and pulled the elderly couple to safety. The elderly man and his wife, who is bound to a wheelchair, are both doing fine. The other honorees are Cornelio Nolasco, Lino Nolasco, Asher Murro and Dennis Buenaventura.