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Q. "Should I move over for tow trucks assisting vehicles on the side of the road like we're required to do when we see a police car or an ambulance?"

A. Yes, if a tow truck or any of these vehicles: police, fire, ambulance, ocean safety, or freeway service patrol is pulled over on the side of the road with their emergency flashing lights on, you should first slow down to a reasonable speed. Then if it is safe, move over to another lane that would give a "safety zone" between the driver and the emergency vehicle.

Q. "If I am on a two-lane road and see a police car on the shoulder lane and another car traveling in the opposite direction, what am I supposed to do?"

A. If you can't safely move over, you must slow down your speed. If necessary come to a complete stop and wait until it is safe to make a lane change. Violators are subject to make a court appearance.

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