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Ask HPD: Bicyclists on the Road

Question: I saw a bicyclist traveling on the road even though there was a bicycle lane to his right. Should he be using the bike lane?

Answer: Under state law, if there is a usable bicycle lane, bicyclists must ride within the lane if they are going slower than the normal speed of traffic moving in the same direction. However, there are some exceptions. Bicyclists can move out of the lane when preparing for a left turn at an intersection, private road, or driveway, or avoiding debris and other hazardous conditions. They can also move out of the lane when wishing to pass another vehicle or a pedestrian and they cannot safely do so while staying within the lane. Bicyclists are not to leave a bicycle lane unless the movement can be done safely and only after they have given the appropriate turn signal.

HRS ยง291C-145 - Riding on roadways and bikeways.

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