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HPD Officer Visits Waipahu Elementary Students

On Tuesday, January 10, 2017, Officer Anson "Kaipo" Paiva of the District 3 Community Policing Team visited Waipahu Elementary School to teach his monthly "Real and Powerful" class, also known as the RAP program.

The RAP program targets at-risk youths in early adolescence, a developmental stage that establishes patterns and behaviors. The program focuses on providing participants with the necessary tools to navigate this critical time in their lives. Originally initiated in District 3, the RAP program provides guidance on dealing with bullying, cyberbullying, drugs, peer pressure, and other topics. Due to its success, the program has been adopted by other districts. By focusing preventive efforts on at-risk youths, the department is creating partnerships that will help change the lives of future adults.

Below is a video of Officer Paiva’s closing remarks.

Officer Paiva's Leadership Lecture