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Chief Kealoha speaks to legislators and media.

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HPD holds presentation at state captiol

It was all about getting the word out. Today, The Honolulu Police Department held a legislative presentation at the State capitol to highlight certain bills the department wants to keep alive in the legislative session and the bills they oppose. Police Chief Louis M. Kealoha opened the presentation saying, "the venue showcases bills and issues the department believes are important to the community." There are dozens of bills up for discussion including cruelty to animals, dangerous wheels, firearms, gambling and marijuana, and traffic safety. The two-hour presentation also provided a venue for legislators to speak with HPD officers.

Here is a list of the bills:

� Cruelty to Animals- HB 148
� Dangerous Wheels- HB 146 and SB 337
� Firearms- SB 36, SB 69, and SB280
� Gambling & Marijuana- HB 154, HB 343, HB 667, HB668, HB 944, SB 68, SB 192, SB 394, SB 689, SB 695, and SB 1337
� Resisting Arrest- SB 78
� Simulated Firearms- HB 147 and SB 2
� Traffic Safety- HB 980, HB 1308, SB 4, SB 484, SB 495

HPD Presentation at the Capitol