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Thirty Officers Promoted to Various Ranks

Honolulu Police Chief Louis M. Kealoha announced the promotion of 30 officers at a ceremony at the Mission Memorial Auditorium today. The newly promoted officers include 1 lieutenant, 14 sergeants and detectives, and 15 corporals. All promotions take effect July 20.

The new lieutenant, along with her assignment, is:

Carlene Lau, Traffic Division

The 14 new officers promoted to sergeant or detective and their assignments are:

Ulysses Balmilero, Professional Standards Office
Darren Cachola, District 5 (Kalihi)
Lowell Coronil, District 6 (Waikiki)
Fredderick Degala, District 5 (Kalihi)
Cory Gibson, Central Receiving Division
Kelvin Hayakawa, District 8 (Kapolei-Waianae)
Ryan Hironaka, Professional Standards Office
Kristopher Kiyabu, District 8 (Kapolei-Waianae)
Michael Noh, District 8 (Kapolei-Waianae)
Angela Payne-Vasquez, Criminal Investigation Division
Sharie Souza, District 5 (Kalihi)
Philip Trani III, Criminal Intelligence Unit
Dale Uemura, District 5 (Kalihi)
Jonathan Yee, Criminal Investigation Division

The 15 new officers promoted to corporals and their assignments are:

Brian Carnate, District 5 (Kalihi)
Edson Duncan, District 1 (Central Honolulu)
Robert Frank II, District 5 (Kalihi)
Chad Gushikuma, Criminal Intelligence Unit
Creighton Hatico, District 4 (Kailua-Kaneohe-Kahuku)
Casey Kailihiwa, District 4 (Kailua-Kaneohe-Kahuku)
Denice Kashiwai, District 7 (East Honolulu)
Matthew Kurihara, District 1 (Central Honolulu)
Adam Lipka, District 5 (Kalihi)
Jason Malacas, District 5 (Kalihi)
Scott Matsumura, District 8 (Kapolei-Waianae)
Scott Nielson, District 5 (Kalihi)
Kendall Prochnow, District 5 (Kalihi)
Wallace Salazar Jr., Community Affairs Division
Kyle Suemori, District 1 (Central Honolulu)