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45 Officers promoted, including new Asst. Chief

Honolulu Police Chief Louis M. Kealoha announced the promotions of 45 officers, including a new assistant chief, at a ceremony at the McCoy Pavilion Auditorium today.

Major Alan Bluemke has been promoted to the rank of assistant chief and will command the Special Field Operations Bureau comprised of the Community Affairs Division, Major Events Division, Specialized Services Division, and Legislative Liaison Office. Major Bluemke is a 26-year veteran of the HPD and has led the Human Resources Division for nearly two years. His earlier assignments include the Professional Standards Office and Specialized Services Division. Major Bluemke graduated from Kaimuki High School and received a bachelor's degree in political science from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Chief Kealoha also promoted 6 lieutenants, 19 sergeants and detectives, and 19 corporals. All promotions take effect this Sunday.

The six new lieutenants and their assignments are:

Jay Chang/ Communications Division
Timothy Donahue/ Community Affairs Division
Bryan Iwane/ District 8 (Kapolei-Waianae)
Patricia Wilson/ Narcotics/Vice Division
Erik Yamane/ District 5 (Kalihi)
Lance Yashiro/ Communications Division

The 19 new officers promoted to sergeant or detective and their assignments are:

Samuel Bardo/ Criminal Investigation Division
Neil Han/ District 8 (Kapolei-Waianae)
Richard Ho/ District 5 (Kalihi)
Robyn Ho/ Criminal Investigation Division
Keoni Hong/ Criminal Investigation Division
Alfred Jurison III/ Criminal Investigation Division
Harry Kahoano/ District 5 (Kalihi)
Artie Kendall/ District 8 (Kapolei-Waianae)
Chris Kim/ Criminal Investigation Division
Tamyra Torres/ District 8 (Kapolei-Waianae)
Christian Trent/ Criminal Investigation Division
Leighton Uyeda/ District 8 (Kapolei-Waianae)
Nicholas Vanhouten/ District 5 (Kalihi)
High Shin Lin/ District 8 (Kapolei-Waianae)
Banks McMillan/ District 4 (Kaneohe-Kailua-Kahuku)
Ryan Miyataki/ Criminal Investigation Division/
Kevin Napoleon/ Records and Identification Division
Maile Nguyen/ Criminal Investigation Division/
Halford Yamamoto/ Criminal Investigation Division

The 19 new officers promoted to corporals and their assignments are:

Herman Arriba/ District 1 (Central Honolulu)
Samuel Bain/ District 8 (Kapolei-Waianae)
Erwin Blas/ District 2 (Wahiawa)
Dante Cambra/ District 4 (Kaneohe-Kailua-Kahuku)
Blake Davidson/ District 1 (Central Honolulu)
Matthew Fong/ District 7 (East Honolulu)
Jeremy Franks/ District 7 (East Honolulu)
Chase Inamine/ District 2 (Wahiawa)
William Lau/ District 5 (Kalihi)
Debra Ann Maioho-Pohina/ District 2 (Wahiawa)
Blake Oshita/ District 7 (East Honolulu)
Jerome Pacarro/ District 5 (Kalihi)
Miller Picardal/ District 1 (Central Honolulu)
Melvin Raquedan/ District 5 (Kalihi)
Henry Robinson Jr./ District 7 (East Honolulu)
Edward Tabanera/ District 5 (Kalihi)
Kenneth Tjomsland/ District 4 (Kaneohe-Kailua-Kahuku)
Matthew Uchida/ District 2 (Wahiawa)
Glenn Wada/ Professional Standards Office