Complaints against HPD employees

Complaints against police officers are investigated by the Honolulu Police Commission, HPD's Professional Standards Office, or Human Resources Division depending upon the circumstances. See below for details.

If you have any questions about filing a complaint or any questions regarding disciplinary procedures you may contact the Professional Standards Office.


Professional Standards Office

If a complaint involves any of the following, contact the HPD Professional Standards Office:

A notarized statement is required as part of the police union's collective bargaining agreement. Links to the forms are listed here under the Professional Standards Office section.

If you wish to remain anonymous, your complaint will be reviewed and/or investigated in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement and departmental policy.

You may mail a notarized statement to the above address or you may appear in person and a statement will be taken by a Professional Standards Office detective and notarized at that time. Be sure to bring a proper identification card (state ID, driver's license, passport, etc.).

If the complaint is criminal in nature, you may call 911 and have a police officer sent to your location. The officer will initiate the complaint for you and forward it to the Criminal Investigation Section of the Professional Standards Office. You may come to the Professional Standards Office and a complaint will be initiated for you by a Professional Standards Office detective.

Complaint Forms

The following forms are available as downloadable PDF forms.

For more information regarding these forms or how to fill them out, please contact the Professional Standard Office.

Honolulu Police Commission

If a complaint involves an officer

They will require a notarized statement so be prepared to present proper identification (state ID, driver's license, passport, etc.).

Personnel Matters

If the complaint concerns individual or family matters that do not involve criminal law violations or HPD's Standards of Conduct (e.g., the payment of debts, personal disputes) you should contact the Human Resources Division of the Honolulu Police Department at 808-723-3557.




Traffic Safety

Domestic Violence / TROs